How do you show a brand‘s love for pets?


Fetch was an online pet store owned by Ocado. It was looking a bit outdated and out of touch, it was time to rebrand. The brand failed to express any emotion and didn’t stand out from an increasingly crowded space of online stores.


There were many touch points which needed redesigning. From emails to the bags the orders are shipped in. I was part a small team which handled the rebrand.

We no longer wanted to show cute and fluffy pets which every pet brand uses from iStock. We wanted to show emotive and iconic pets. Pets have such strong personality and we wanted to celebrate them.


“Myself and Callum worked together for over four years at Ocado and during that time he made a big impact. Not only was he kind and hardworking but he was a team player, not afraid to have gotten stuck in and always willing to take on work outside of his remit to help meet our targets. Hardworking and committed to doing the right things for the business and his colleagues making Callum a pleasure to work with.”

Sophie Caley
Ex Digital Design & Motion Lead, Ocado

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