Why does the customer journey matter?


Ocados brand was refreshed to coincide with its joint venture with M&S. We needed to refresh the Customer Journey. The journey had never been looked at all together before, especially the emails. We also discovered that retention for first time customers was low. We found customers had a lot of hesitations about Ocado and found it expensive.


I redesigned the top 60 emails which are most frequently sent
and most vital to customer retention. Focusing on impact vs effort. I made a template which would fit all the different email styles.

We created a welcome booklet which is delivered with their first shop. The booklet explains the benefits Ocado brings to you. Ocado saw a 15% increase in customers making a second shop

Ocado Logo

An Ocado just for you

15% increase in customers making a second shop

“Myself and Callum worked together for over four years at Ocado and during that time he made a big impact. Not only was he kind and hardworking but he was a team player, not afraid to have gotten stuck in and always willing to take on work outside of his remit to help meet our targets. Hardworking and committed to doing the right things for the business and his colleagues making Callum a pleasure to work with.”

Sophie Caley
Ex Digital Design & Motion Lead at Ocado

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