How to build a brand that cares about builders?


Weaver works with Builders, Homeowners & Architects. They provide Builders with projects and Homeowners with Builders to create their dream home. Weaver only lets the best Builders on the platform.

The rebrand needed to resonate with all three users. There is a lack of trust between them and fear of low quality work from Builders. The brand needed to address this head on.


I created a brand that celebrates the work of great Builders. Using photography and bold typography and strong colours.

A home is what unites them. So the house shape was the best choice for the brand.

Quality Builders
With Vetted Homeowners

Designed & developed
by me. Built in Webflow.

We created
ads which told a story

Bringing the brand to life

I used Lottie animations to create a website which kept your attention for better engagement. It gave a whole new level to the brand to be explored.

Visit the Weaver website I built


“Callum is one of my best hires, with the rare ability to apply design strategically. His communication skills are top-notch, making complex ideas easily digestible for any audience.Callum’s collaboration skills are unmatched, effectively working with cross-functional teams to ensure brand consistency. A true brand visionary, Callum has been pivotal in shaping our brand identity.”

Greg Keane
CEO & Co-founder, Weaver

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