How do you establish a brand which is all about speed?


Zapp needed to develop its brand and beat its competitors in a market which became crowned overnight.


As Zapp’s first design hire I helped shape Zapp’s brand.Deadlines were tight so we could be reactive. I worked on everything from flyers, coasters and festival activations.

Groceries delivered in minutes

We made sure not to be another piece of junk mail

We turned dark stores into bright stores

We had a quick, two week, turnaround to pull this together in time for Wireless

Showing Zapp’s USPs in a fun, remarkable way

We acted fast to create an emotional connection using humor, in a crowened market


“Callum is a talented graphic designer, showing unwavering dedication to every project he takes on. His creative problem-solving skills truly shine, adding a unique touch to his work. With a sharp eye for detail, Callum consistently delivers outstanding results.

Beyond his design chops, Callum played a crucial role in improving Zapp’s operations. He skilfully handled project tools, streamlined our briefing process, and efficiently managed the day-to-day aspects of project management. Callum is a genuine team player, and his expertise would be a fantastic addition to any lucky company that gets to work alongside him.”

James O’Loughlin
Ex Global Brand Design Lead, Zapp

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